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Musicians: Sick and tired of never having enough money?

And not knowing why?

This revolutionary course Money Mindset Mastery by Michael Lake and Christine Regan will help you eliminate the hidden destructive beliefs keeping you from having more money.

Which of these sound familiar?

I'm on a treadmill earning just enough to barely keep up with my bills.

I feel guilty spending money on things for myself.

I can be jealous and resentful of people who are more successful than me.

I hate negotiating. I always end up getting less than I feel I deserve.

I spend money in order to feel better, but then I feel bad about the wasteful impulse purchase.

There is never anything left by month end to save.

I can't catch a break and get ahead.

I hate dealing with money. I wish I didn't have to.

These all arise from your negative subconscious money beliefs.

And can be eliminated!

Transform your negative beliefs about money through the course Musicians Money Mastery

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Your personal transformation will occur through understanding...

Your secret relationship with money

Yes, you have one! You rarely think about it or discuss it but it began long ago and determines your daily money decisions and your standard of living.

The beliefs you hold about wealth

You've already convinced yourself how much you can earn, whether you can negotiate, and even if money is a good or bad thing.

How your thoughts about money limit you

Your fear, self-doubt, dread, and pessimism all come from how you think about money. And that's what is driving your money decisions.

Money Mindset Mastery will guide you on a journey from self-discovery to clarity about your financial future.


Discover your core money beliefs

Begin with a two-page questionaire that will give you new-found understanding of your relationship with money.

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Discover the relationship between your core beliefs and money dysfunctions

Ever wonder why you put off looking at your finances, fear of self-promotion, hate negotiating, believe that rich people are bad, and doubt you'll ever have enough? You'll discover the roots of those and other beliefs.



Gain newfound clarity on your financial mindset

Knowledge is power, so knowing those aspects of your thinking and emotions that lead to poor money decisions is a very important step toward gaining a healthy relationship with money.

Since your core beliefs about money most likely formed long ago, perhaps as a child, we'll help you tap into those memories so that you can let go of their stigma.


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Engage in exercises specifically created to eliminate your destructive beliefs

Now that you have uncovered some of your money beliefs and how they block you from greater success, we will take you through some simple exercises to replace those beliefs with productive ones.

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Put your financial 'house' in order

Last, we guide you through discovering for yourself how much money you'd like to make, how you'll make it, what could prevent your success, and thoughts for your future.

As a final tweak to your money mindset, we encourage you to describe your future financial life.

Nice house

All these tools combine to finally put
you in control of your money

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What Our Customers say...

M. Lewis

“In just one 30-minute session, Christine found incredible empowering shifts for items I’ve been unable to transform in over 15 years.”

K. Seiferth

“When you have a session with Christine don’t expect ANYTHING other than to walk out feeling excited, received, cleansed and motivated! You will truly be transformed in a way that you never have experienced before.”

T. Lynn

"I feel more confident and thus have shifted into being worthy and open to receiving blessings from my life.”

J. Knudson

“One session and so much was cleared, shifted and released.  Christine is an intuitive healer and her healing talents are a gift to all who work with her.  Thank you, Christine.” 

V. Seville

"If you are looking to create a shift in your life, your time and money will be well spent working with Christine. I feel amazing and free.  I have greater clarity on what steps to take next. Thank you for everything Christine.”   

S. Stone

Christine made sure I felt safe and allowed me to go as deep as I was comfortable and in so doing, I shed several layers of fear. Christine is highly experienced and has a deep toolkit. I highly recommend her!” 

Meet the talent behind Money Mindset Mastery

Christine Regan

Christine is a talented artist, author, and seasoned business professional with three decades of experience in marketing, advertising, and stretegic planning.

She is also a skilled and gifted practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Through her decades of transformational work, she has helped people heal their PTSD, various other life traumas, and money dysfunctions.

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Michael Lake

Michael is a sales & marketing professional and Grammy-nominated musician.

Through his sales and marketing roles, he has helped grow two billion-dollar financial enterprises.

He is the author of more than a dozen educational books on music, creator of online music courses, and founder of the leading online library of jazz musician interviews.

Start healing your relationship with money today

Choose the level that works best for you, and then once you are at the shopping cart,
decide if you'd like the printed workbook as well as the digital one.

  1. Choose the Digital-Only version if you prefer to write your responses to the exercises on your computer or another device directly into the downloaded PDF workbook.

2. Choose the Print version if you prefer an actual coil-bound book and wish to hand-write your responses to the exercises into that printed workbook. The book will be shipped to you and the cart will automatically add $20 to your order for printing and shipping. You will still receive the digital workbook.


$ 47
  • 80 page digital or print Workbook
  • Self-Discipline Superpower eBook

GOLD (Most Popular)

$ 147
  • 125 page digital or print Workbook
  • EFT tapping scripts
  • 10 EFT tapping videos by topic
  • 10 Core Belief Blueprints and exercises
  • 10 Money Blueprint videos
  • Self-Discipline Superpower eBook


$ 297
  • 125 page digital or print Workbook
  • EFT Tapping scripts
  • 10 EFT tapping videos by topic
  • 10 Core Belief Blueprints and exercises
  • 10 Money Blueprint videos
  • Self-Discipline Superpower eBook
  • Custom personalized EFT tapping and Money Blueprint Guide
  • Membership in the Money Mastery Coaching Circle

Our 30 Day 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

If, for any reason, the lessons and exercises do not shift your thinking about money in a tangible way forward, we will refund the entire cost of the course. You keep the workbook and other materials.

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